About Us

LifeMD provides a comprehensive platform that exceeds the requirements of a level five Telehealth program. The platform is designed for ease of use and compatibly with various desktop and mobile platforms. The LifeMD Platform utilizes a multi-point cloud based video conferencing system with white board capabilities. It incorporates file sharing technologies, SMS messaging, white board, On Demand recorded archiving, CCHIT cloud based Electronic health records, patient portal, and direct access to labs and pharmacies.

LifeMD also provides 24/7 technical support via remote login should our physicians or patients experience difficulties in using or connecting to our platform.

Company History

LifeMD was formed from a group of telehealth experts with over 30 years of combined experience in the field of telemedicine. Our team consists of individuals with experience in all avenues of telemedicine including software development, telehealth engineers, telehealth coordinators, healthcare specialists and telemedicine business developers. Our team has been able to successfully implement telemedicine in multiple arenas providing quality affordable healthcare options for many individuals worldwide. The goal when forming LifeMD was to combine the strengths from multiple areas of telehealth into a one-stop telehealth company capable of meeting all virtual healthcare needs.

Mission statement

LifeMD is committed to providing its members with the highest standard of healthcare at the lowest cost.

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