LifeMD Membership

LifeMD offers various membership options to meet your healthcare needs whether it’s for yourself, your family, your company, or any other organization. LifeMD has various plans that can accommodate your medical needs. Our flexible plans include annual, monthly, or per encounter/visit options for you to see our physicians, providers, and specialists.

Membership Benefits

  • Connect with LifeMD providers from the comfort of your home or office 24/7/365
  • Traveling patients can visit LifeMD physicians using their iOS, Android or Kindle smart phone or tablet computer
  • No transportation necessary to see a LifeMD provider
  • Avoid contagious illness associated with crowded ERs, urgent care centers, and doctor’s offices
  • Improve access to board-certified physicians and specialists from around the country
  • Access to your own real-time patient portal anywhere and anytime
  • Secure and trusted medical record keeping compliant with HIPAA, HL7, and all state and federal laws
  • Access to quality care at a fraction of the cost of a traditional in-office visit
  • Prescriptions are sent electronically to your local pharmacy if needed
  • Consultations with specialist physicians across the country for second opinions
  • Avoid long waits often associated with hospital emergency rooms and medical offices

LifeMD Travel Membership and Benefits

LifeMD Travel Membership includes all of the benefits of the standard membership listed above and can be purchased temporarily to cover your medical needs while traveling on business or vacation. From the convenience of your computer/tablet or smart phone, you can visit LifeMD’S website or download the app in iOS, Android, or kindle and be treated by a US board certified physician from anywhere in the world.

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