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How do I become a LifeMD Provider?

1) Submit your CV using the upload link under the “Request Information” section of this website.

2) A LifeMD recruitment specialist will contact you and identify you as a valid candidate for this program. Physicians will go through an interview and credentialing process to determine if you are a good candidate to join the program. Once you are identified as a potential Physician, we will extend an offer for you to come on board.

What happens after I become a LifeMD provider?

1) We will provide you access to our cloud-based platform to practice telemedicine.

2) LifeMD will train you on how to use our platform effectively via an e-learning platform and remote desktop.

3) We will work with you to schedule your availability to consult with LifeMD patients/members once your training is complete.

4) We will begin scheduling patients for e-visits with you based on the schedule you provided to LifeMD.

Network Physician Compensation

All providers and specialists that are part of the LifeMD provider network are compensated on a per-encounter fee schedule. The fee schedule will be presented and agreed upon prior to joining the network.

Please fill out the form below and click the submit button for more information on LifeMD. A member from our team will contact you shortly.

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