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LifeMD physicians are providers who deliver healthcare to our patients/members located across the United States. These physicians are highly qualified individuals in their area(s) of specialty, and have demonstrated a strong clinical background in the area of telemedicine. They have completed our comprehensive credentialing and training process to practice telemedicine. LifeMD physicians are provided with the technology necessary to practice telemedicine at no cost.

What are the benefits of working with LifeMD?

Portability – Work from anywhere in the world, as long as you have a stable internet connection and access to a computer and telephone.

Flexibility – LifeMD physicians create their own schedule. You can choose to work part time or full time.

Expandability – With a traditional practice you have a limited geographic patient base.  LifeMD physicians can see patients throughout the state in which they are licensed to practice.

Profitability – On average our Telemedicine/TeleHealth physicians see 35% more patients than in a traditional practice. This results in increased revenue for your time leading many providers to replace their current practices with an e-practice thus eliminating all overhead costs associated with a traditional practice.

LifeMD Platform Tools provided To Physicians

LifeMD’S telemedicine/telehealth platform is a 256-bit, AES-encrypted, single-source solution, and is compliant with all HIPAA and HL7 infrastructures. In addition, the video codec used is FDA-approved to transmit medical video and voice data securely and accurately. The platform contains the following components:

  • Access to CCHIT cloud-based Electronic Medical Records
  • Access to cross-platform cloud-based multi point-video conferencing systems
  • Access to our rapidly growing patient base for telemedicine/telehealth e-visits
  • Access to state-by-state telemedicine procedure, protocols, and guidelines

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