EHR: Cloud-Based Electronic Medical Record

The LifeMD EHR is a secure HIPAA compliant medical record system. The System is cloud based and can be accessed by the provider via the internet from anywhere at any time. The system includes the practice management module with scheduling and a charting section with custom built templates for various specialties.

Video Conferencing System

A cloud-based multi-point video conferencing system with an embedded phone bridge. The system is secured using AES encryption and is HIPAA compliant. The Codec is FDA approved for transmitting medical images and data.

Electronic Prescriptions

Electronic prescriptions can be sent to local pharmacies throughout the United States.

Electronic Lab

Bi-directional lab interface that allows providers to order and receive labs through the LifeMD platform

Physician Network

LifeMD has a comprehensive physician network that covers the continental United States. The network includes primary care providers, urgent care, pediatricians, and specialists.

Patient Portal

The patient portal enables members to view their medical records, lab results, and medications, schedule appointments, and message their providers securely if needed.

Mobile Telemedicine Station

Mobile carrying cases equipped with two-way fully duplex real time video conferencing, stethoscopes, multi- purpose scopes, blood pressure cuffs, pulse oximeters, thermometers, etc. We can customize any mobile station to meet your individual needs.

Mobile Telemedicine Cart

The mobile cart can be configured to meet the needs of any virtual clinic. Our carts include two-way video conferencing systems, stethoscopes, multi-purpose scopes, pulse oximeters, thermometers, scales, glucose meters, EKG, AB blood pressure cuffs, spirometers, and up to a three-hour battery backup.

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