LifeMD provided me with a very simple way to connect with a doctor using my smart phone. This really helps me to manage my chronic condition. I wish I had this service sooner, it really improved the quality of my life.

Chris Minton

Being a new mother, LifeMD is a great tool to have. I can connect with a pediatrician anytime. They’re always there to consult and provide me with answers to my questions. This service has saved me countless trips to the doctor office.

New Mother

Having worked in traditional medicine for over 20 years, I was naturally hesitant when approached by LifeMD to do virtual consults. I was unsure of how a telehealth program would fit into my current practice. The staff at LifeMD was very helpful in streamlining the process, providing excellent support in the area of telemedicine protocol, guidelines, and implementation. Thanks to LifeMD my patients now enjoy all of the benefits of telemedicine.


I was nearing retirement and wanted to still practice part time. Thanks to LifeMD I can now practice medicine virtually. I just provide my available time and they take care of the rest. I just login from anywhere using my computer to consult with my patients.


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