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Complementary Medicine

Understanding the Importance of Sun Protection for Your Skin

SPF is one of the most effective skin care steps to prevent the effects of aging and protect your skin from damage. Learn about the effects of the sun on your skin and what you can do to avoid any damage.

Are Beets Good For You?

There is so much more to beets than the vibrant color they’re known for. Learn more about the health benefits of this root vegetable and how to incorporate it into your diet.

The Health Benefits of Fermented Foods

Pickles, yogurt, and kombucha all have one thing in common: they’re fermented! Discover the many benefits of fermented foods and why you should consider incorporating them into your diet.

Natural Remedies for Menopause Relief

It can be challenging to manage some of the uncomfortable symptoms of menopause. Explore LifeMD’s recommendations for the best natural remedies for menopause relief.

A Comprehensive Guide to the Beneficial Uses of Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is hailed as a complementary treatment for a variety of health conditions. It can also be used around the house as a disinfectant and air purifier. Learn more about how to incorporate tea tree oil into your everyday life.

How to Get Rid of Eczema: Effective Treatments and Remedies

Eczema is a chronic condition that affects the skin. Find out if eczema can be cured and effective treatments for this skin condition.

The Science and Benefits of Probiotics

Probiotics are live microorganisms made up of healthy yeast and bacteria. They are incredibly valuable for the human gut and immune system. Discover the vast benefits of probiotics and how to increase your intake.

Exploring the Incredible Benefits of Buckwheat

Is buckwheat a type of wheat, grain, or seed? Discover what buckwheat really is, and get the scoop on its incredible health benefits.

The Menopause Diet: Eating Well to Manage Your Symptoms

Menopause brings about several bodily changes. Eating a healthy, nutrient-dense diet can help women manage these changes and transition into the next phase of life feeling their best.

The Science and Benefits of Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is the process of using essential oils to promote healing. There are many advantages to using aromatherapy, with several essential oil options available so you can discover the best ones for you. Learn more about how to optimize the benefits.

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