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Flu Recovery Timeline: How Long Does the Flu Last?

Learn about the stages of flu recovery, including what to expect and tips for recovering more quickly.

Can You Get Flu-Like Body Aches in Early Pregnancy?

Flu symptoms during early pregnancy might result from typical first-trimester bodily changes, but could also be caused by the flu virus. Learn what to do next when experiencing these symptoms during the first few months of pregnancy.

Where Can I Get a Flu Test?

Learn about the different types of flu tests, when you should consider getting tested, and where flu tests can be found.

How to Sleep When You Feel Sick

Learn how to get some restful sleep when you’re feeling sick and need it the most.

What to Avoid After Flu Shot: Precautions and Aftercare Steps

As flu season comes around, it’s important to get vaccinated to protect yourself and those around you. Learn how to take care of yourself after receiving a flu shot, including aftercare steps to follow and what to avoid after your flu vaccination.

Do I Have the Flu? Signs, Symptoms, and Treatment Options

Learn what steps to take to find out if you have the flu, plus get guidance on what to do next if you test positive.

Why is My Throat Burning?

Learn why we feel pain or a burning sensation in the throat. Plus, get treatment suggestions and advice about when to make a doctor's appointment.

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